Opticool Freshlogistics - fruit logistics

Opticool Freshlogistics is central in our organisation

The Freshlogistics branch of Opticool arranges the whole logistical process for her partners, with a custom made package. From the transport of containers arriving at the different terminals up to the coordination and assistance with inspections. Over the water or over the roads, Opticool Freshlogistocs guides her partners from start to finish.

As soon as your containers arrive at one of our 20 coldstores, the fruit is checked for temperature, packaging and general quality. Than, by way of a unique barcode, the pallets are registered in Opticools warehouse managment system, linking our uniqoe pallets ID to your own pallet ID. This allows for full track and trace of any pallet.

This whole logistical process is digitally traceable by way of a specially developed website, showing arrivals, orders and stock.

Opticool FreshlogisticsFreshlogistics unburdens her partners by handling important matters, such as; Customs, inspections, transport and documentation. For direct containers, only in need of an import inspection, Opticool offers her facilities and assistance, allowing the fruit to be inspected and transported to the final destination, as quickly as possible.

For Opticool, discretion, reliability and speed are core values. Al our partners have a fixed contact, who can assist them with their questions and requests..

Together with our partners we strive for a better and cleaner environment, both in our own country and in the countries of our global partners.